Effective Fall 2024
The Horticulture Technician Level-One certificate program is designed to provide training for Horticultural Field Technicians or Greenhouse Technicians that work with plants to ensure they are healthy and cared for properly. They may work in outdoor environments such as fields of agricultural produce, or in indoor environments such as hydroponics facilities and greenhouses.

The Horticulture Technician Level One Certificate is designed to stack into the Sustainable Agriculture AAS Degree. Consult with Ag. Science Dept. Chair for more information.

Semester I Credit Hours: 11 

AGCR 1371 Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture 3

AGRI 1419 Horticulture with Lab 4

AGCR 2418 Soil Science 4


Semester II Credit Hours : 7

AGCR 1393 Integrated Pest Management 3

HALT 2421 Small Scale Farming 4