Skills USA is a challenging way to elevate your automotive service and diagnostic skills as well as sharpen your leadership skills. Membership in this group is encouraged for any interested automotive technology students but especially for beginner level students (some of you may have completed in your high schools)

Not all ACC SkillsUSA members will compete at the State Conference but we will typically host 2 competitions at ACC ( on in the Fall and another in the Spring) where students can compete and earn prizes. This is currently on hold due to precautions regarding the COVID pandemic.

Before COVID, we would try to meet monthly to improve skills for competition. The bonus here is that your skills are fine tuned to make you more valuable for your current and future job opportunities in local dealerships and independent shops.

An example of a meeting might include covering a Oscilloscope training class plus tips and highlights on how to build a successful Resume. The meetings and skills development look different due to COVID precautions.

We are also looking at expanding into other areas ie. Motorcycle and OPE- if anyone is interested.

Let us know if you are ready to get involved or simply want more information! Check out the Texas SkillsUSA website!