Respiratory Protection Program Guidelines and Procedures

ACC Respiratory Protection Program

Medical Evaluation Form

Every twelve months while taking classes in the Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing program every student must:

  1. Pass a respirator medical fitness evaluation including a pulmonary function test.
  2. Present their instructor with a letter from a PLHCP stating they have been medically cleared to wear the required type of respirator before being allowed to fit test or use a respirator for class activities.
  3. Pass a respirator fit test given in class by a certified instructor.

In addition students must:

  1. Purchase the required safety equipment and supplies for classes.
  2. Receive training on hazardous materials and safety equipment in ABDR 1301.  (one time only)
  3. Pass a written hazardous materials exam in ABDR 1301. (one time only )

These steps must be taken before a student can participate in the lab portion of class. If a student fails any part of the above steps the student will be dropped from the related courses.

Instructors cannot allow students:

  1. To use a respirator type that has not been reviewed and approved by EHS&I,
  2. To wear a respirator if training, fit testing, and medical clearance criteria have not been successfully completed or has expired.

Please Note: Students are required to keep track of their own respirator records for verification.

Link to the FAQ’s for more information.