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GIS Analyst

GrantWorks is hiring two GIS Analysts to join the Planning Department’s GIS Team.


· Manage multiple diverse client accounts with various team members
· Build file geodatabases, digitize, and edit geospatial data, and generate maps
· Manage multiple geodatabases in various stages of completion
· Integrate various geospatial formats into editable GIS elements by digitizing or conversion
· Create, modify, and analyze geospatial data
· Utilize cartographic design and data visualization techniques to produce professional maps
· Integrate multiple geodatabases into ArcOnline feature layers and web maps to utilize the Field Maps application for fieldwork data collection
· Conduct fieldwork data collection (requires travel and overnight stays)
· Review and acquire geographic data from various sources to include: TNRIS, TCEQ, TxDOT, USGS, USFWS, County Appraisal District, Census, and FEMA
· Produce and maintain project-specific web mapping applications

For more information and to apply, click HERE.

Associate Planner / Planner


  • Community and stakeholder engagement / public presentations
  • Host public meetings and workshops for local officials and other members of the community
  • Administer community surveys (generally online)
  • Interview public officials, business owners, and residents via telephone and in person
  • Meet with local officials (county judge, commissioners, city secretaries and managers, mayors and city councils, utility district managers, etc.), engineers, and staff members of various state and federal agencies
  • Present report summaries and maps before elected officials and the public
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Conduct comprehensive field surveys (housing conditions, land uses, drainage infrastructure, street conditions, etc.)
  • Retrieve and interpret a variety of statistical information from sources such as US Census of Population and Housing, US Economic Censuses, Texas State Comptroller, Texas State Data Center, Texas Workforce Commission, Texas Council on Environmental Quality, local appraisal districts, county clerk records, etc.
  • Interpret a variety of mapped information such as USGS quadrangles, FEMA flood Aplains, TxDOT traffic counts, soil classifications, utility system layout, appraisal district land division, subdivision and town plats, aerial photographs
  • Use GIS to analyze field data and make maps needed for analysis discussion
  • Review local government documents such as audits and budgets to determine sources and amounts of revenues and expenditures, debt, debt service, capital for infrastructure improvement
  • Ordinance review and revision
  • Interpret local ordinances to determine effectiveness or legality
  • Propose revisions and additions to existing zoning and subdivision ordinances or propose new ordinances
  • Plan drafting
  • Develop plan goals and objectives, including Capital Improvement Plans
  • Generate planning reports that are concise, informative, and meet contractual requirements
  • Department responsibilities
  • Use in-house planning resources to self-train on study subjects and GrantWorks, Inc processes for plan completion
  • Assist Planning Department with other duties as needed

For more information and to apply, click HERE.